Branding & Identity

Branding & Identity

Personal Branding

Take a peek at the process I went through to develop my personal branding. Designing for yourself = hardest thing in life.

I developed my personal branding over the course of a semester as an Independent Study with Beth Elliott. I started by brainstorming words to encapsulate my philosophy, outlook/attitude, and my formal language. I wrote down numerous words (and asked studiomates for their input) on Post-it notes, and organized them. I narrowed down the selection and expanded on each word, describing what I meant by the word.

From there, I started sketching small scale logos in my sketchbook. I filled 2 pages with over 200 logos! I drew some larger on gridded tracing paper, and then scanned my favorite ones.

Once I selected the one I felt best represented me, I drew several iterations to explore variations and to refine the lines and curves.

Here's what the final logo looks like with my branding colors:

Business card designs: