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Life Matters

Life Matters is an interactive, digital library of personal stories about near death experiences. It is a safe place for people to share their testimonies, providing a framework that encourages people to tell their personal stories about near death experiences and how it changed their perspective on life.

Keeping in mind values such as empathy, contemplation, community engagement, gratitude, and awareness, I developed this experience design that invites users to take the time to listen, share wisdom and truth, and preserve these amazing, life-changing stories.

"Life Matters" is an exhibition at the Museum of Near Death Experiences, where museum attendees can step into a floating, glowing egg-shaped personal pod and sit on a comfortable, ergonomic memory-foam seat that contours the body. They interact with a 13-in. HD touchscreen that can be handheld if they so choose. After a brief introduction, users can browse the library of stories, read stories, share their own stories, use/print share cards, or print their own library card (which has their story's unique code and a printed version of their own animated portrait gif).

View the documentation website and read more about the project here; below are some of the user interface designs for the screen experience: