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All your clouds, in one place. User experience, user interface designs and rebranding for cloud aggregator app Storm. I re-examined this existing app from a product design standpoint to design a better user flow and introducing new capabilities.

Storm is an existing functional app; essentially, it is a cloud aggregator, gathering and sorting all of your files from various clouds (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc), so that it's easy for you to find a file without having to remember which cloud you put it in.

My goal with this project was to re-examine the product from the beginning, to see what the problem really is so that I can design a fitting solution. Since Storm sounds powerful, dark, and sexy, I wanted to design an app that matched that expectation and introduced some useful capabilities.

Along with updating the user interface to current iOS7 aesthetics, I went through the user experience process to develop a home screen that would be more useful than the original design.

In my redesign, you can see the total number of files you have (from all of your clouds), and can click the statistics icon to see a summary of how many of each type of file you have (for example, 80 documents, 50 images, 10 videos, and 3 songs), and click into those categories to view those files.

Updated logo design

First time user flow

The main thing a user will be doing is looking for a file that they may have recently created or accessed in a cloud, so that they can do something else with the file (for example, share it with someone who needs it, or organize it by putting it in a folder with other files from other clouds). Therefore, your recent activity from all your clouds is organized by time, with "Today" at the top for easy access.

Adding a new lightning folder

I introduced the concept of "Lightning Folders" to take advantage of having all your clouds in one place; you can add files from various clouds to Lightning Folders to keep them organized in one place, despite actually being from different clouds. This way, you don't have to jump from cloud to cloud to access those files.

Searching for a file

Another advantage of having all your clouds in one place is that you don't need to remember exactly where you put a file, because Storm will search all your clouds for the file! I added a filter functionality to help narrow down the results if you know which clouds it might be in, and what kind of document type you're looking for.

Slide file left to reveal options

You can slide a file to the left to reveal some quick action options: add to starred folder, put in lightning folder, or export/share.

The following is a peek at my UX process, from examining the client objectives and user needs, to creating a brand personality/voice for Storm, to determining what features and content are necessary to accomplish the objective. From there, I drew out a sitemap and wireframes to explore how the app could be laid out. It took a lot of going back and forth from computer to my iPhone to test my mock-ups and make sure the dimensions, colors, and contrast were right. After some user testing (aka my studiomates), I learned what was not communicating clearly, and revised my design as necessary.

Thanks to my Independent Study mentor, Roman Jaster, for guiding me through this project!