So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

This is a safe place for people to share their testimonies, providing a framework that encourages people to tell their personal stories about near death experiences and how it changed their perspective on life.

Life Matters invites users to take the time to listen, share wisdom and truth, and preserve these amazing, life-changing stories.

Life Matters

Swipe horizontally through the library to browse through stories. You can filter through stories based on their theme (Courage, Compassion, etc.).

Use a storycard

If you received a storycard from a friend, you can touch it to the card sensor in the booth to view the specific story your friend shared.

Check out a story

You can preview a snippet of a story by tapping on it in the library. If you want to read the whole thing, just tap "Continue Reading".

Share the story

If you liked a story and want to share it with your friend, you can print a storycard for them and even include a personal handwritten note via the stylus.

Tell your own story

Share your own story about your near death experience by either uploading a raw text file via USB or recording audio in the booth.

Print your library card

After you finish telling your story, you can print your own library card which includes your unique url to your story in the online archive.



If your friend gives you a storycard, you can touch it to the sensor in the booth to access the shared story (and a handwritten note from your friend). The storycard is the size of a business card, includes the address of The Museum of Near-Death Experiences, and includes a link to learn how to submit your own story.


Animated Gifbooth

If you submit your own story, you will have the option to take a series of portrait photos which will be stitched into an animated gif and displayed as the author photo. The user can select one which will be shown in black and white in the library, but will "come alive" into a colored animated gif upon story preview.

Library Card

Library Cards

After you're done taking your gif photos, you can print your own library card which shows 4 of your portraits on one side as a souvenir, and your unique url to your story in the web archive on the back. Your library card doubles as a physical bookmark.