Other Magical Things

Patterns / Packaging / Branding & Identity

Orchid Patterns & Packaging

Designed 10 patterns of various styles (Greek, Celtic, Art Nouveau, Chinese, and Tribal) based on the orchid flower, and then used my patterns to design packaging.

Illustration / Patterns / Branding & Identity


This past summer, I worked as Design Intern at Inkling in San Francisco. I designed branding system explorations and created visual assets and promotional materials.

Apparel Design


In the summer of 2011, my best friend (a business major at UPenn) and I started up a t-shirt business. We wanted to combine our talents to make a positive difference in the world, so we set out to design tees for a cause.

Imagemaking / Illustration


A selection from my 50 different iterations of the guppy, focusing on variety in style and technique. These compositions are dedicated to Charlie, my beloved guppy, who lived in the studio with me for a good six days.

Apparel Design

Fiat Lux

I designed a t-shirt for the UCCC conference at UC Berkeley. The theme was "Fiat Lux" (Let There Be Light), the motto of the University of California.