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Illustration / Patterns / Branding & Identity


This past summer, I worked as Design Intern at Inkling in San Francisco. I designed branding system explorations and created visual assets and promotional materials.

I had an amazing internship at Inkling working with the Design Core team! I got to work on a huge variety of projects across multiple mediums, from assets for the Inkling app and website, to Inkling workout apparel, to business card design explorations, and more. Here are a few projects that I worked on over the summer.

Pattern explorations using Inkling colors and the concept of e-books composed of individual "cards".

One of my favorite projects was designing branding for the Inkling for Android Beta Program. I played with the existing Inkling logo and the Android character, using the dots in the "i" characters of the Inkling logo as the bot's eyes. For the background, I made an angled gradient using two of the Inkling brand colors. In the app, they continued this branding with a dynamic gradient of the Inkling colors.