Web Design

Web / Interactive / Branding & Identity

Ship Love

A care package service website where users can customize a care package from a selection of items (both practical and silly), or choose from curated set packages, to send to a friend.

Web / Interactive / Branding & Identity

The Poached Pair

New branding and website design for The Poached Pair, a local boutique bakeshop in Santa Clarita that specializes in scones, cookies, and cupcakes. They are a mother-daughter pair who source their ingredients as responsibly as possible, and rotate their menu selection daily.

Web / Interactive / Branding & Identity

CalArts Tatum Lounge

Speculative web design (desktop & mobile version) for CalArts Tatum Lounge (our student-run coffee bar). I designed a version for early birds and for night owls, with customized imagery and language that would change depending on the time of day.