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Ship Love

A care package service website where users can customize a care package from a selection of items (both practical and silly), or choose from curated set packages, to send to a friend.

As my final independent project at CalArts, I developed branding, icons, packaging, and a website design for a care package service that I envisioned and named Ship Love. The mission of Ship Love is to make it easier for people to "ship love" — to show they care through gifts (over long distance), and the thought/effort inherent in customizing a care package for a friend.

You can either pick from a curated set care packages (for example: "For Sick Days", "For Allnighters", "For Zombie Apocalypses", etc.), or customize your own collection of various fun and useful items. You can customize the box and add a personalized note to your friend.

Logo design

"For Sick Days" Care Package Contents: disinfecting wipes, lemon echinacea tea, gummy vitamins, mints, chicken noodle soup, cough drops, Emergen-C, tissues, Advil, and chapstick.

Home page

    Drag and drop items into your box.

    Customize the box and add a personalized message.

Care Package Item Icons

(*Nutella, Starbucks, Netflix, and Dove logos belong to their respective companies; I do not claim ownership in them in any way and unfortunately they did not sponsor me to make these...)

Ship Love would give care packages to the troops abroad when you purchase a care package for a friend (buy one, give one). To motivate people to spread the love, care package recipients get a promo code in their package to encourage them to customize and send a package to another friend.

If you are a developer/designer/investor/wizard interested in working with me to make this a reality (perhaps a Kickstarter campaign?), please get in touch!