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CalArts Tatum Lounge

Speculative web design (desktop & mobile version) for CalArts Tatum Lounge (our student-run coffee bar). I designed a version for early birds and for night owls, with customized imagery and language that would change depending on the time of day.

To encourage students to visit the website, the site updates constantly (time-based), with the current time, weather, status of the coffee (when it was last brewed), music (that is playing at Tatum), student-worker, and upcoming events.

I used a limited color palette that was more sympathetic to my concept of WAKE UP vs. STAY UP, and used a soft tan color to ensure it still had the warm feel of a coffee lounge. I designed a simple logo, incorporating a Mickey Mouse silhouette on a cup of coffee, to reference our unofficial mascot. For the background, I used my own photos taken at CalArts.