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The Poached Pair

New branding and website design for The Poached Pair, a local boutique bakeshop in Santa Clarita that specializes in scones, cookies, and cupcakes. They are a mother-daughter pair who source their ingredients as responsibly as possible, and rotate their menu selection daily.

This speculative web design is for The Poached Pair, a lovely local boutique bakeshop in Newhall, CA, just a short drive from CalArts. Along with rebranding their bakeshop, I designed a website that would make it easier and more intuitive for users to find the information they are looking for and better represent The Poached Pair.

My home page design has simple navigation, with immediate access to today's menu, with links to the full menu or the pre-order form. The latest tweet is posted on the home page, so customers can be up to date with what is going on. Information is organized to be easier to digest and navigate. A slideshow of photos of baked goods makes it more obvious what The Poached Pair is all about, and entices the audience.

A long narrative scrolling page paired with illustrations makes Marcy and Megan's story easy to read and understand, compared to a block of small text.

The full menu is organized by type of baked good, and is accompanied by a photo slideshow of each item. The highlighted item is the item that is pictured and automatically flows through the menu, unless you hover over an item, in which case the correct photo would appear.

I introduced the capability to reserve an order or make a custom/bulk order in advance online. This would provide a more organized and systematic way for The Poached Pair to handle pre-orders, and make it easy for customers to pre-order.

The gallery on the existing website has small thumbnails which open the differently sized photos in a lightbox photo viewer. I designed the gallery to highlight their beautiful creations and interiors, making it easier to flip through all of the photos without having to individually enlarge and then close each photo.

Below is a peek at my process, from examining the client goals, user needs, and target audience, to site map, to sketched wireframes.